Remote Typewell & CART

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TypeWell™ is a system used for transcribing speech-to-text. The terms “transcribing” and “captioning” are sometimes used interchangeably. Often, however, one thinks of the words that appear on screen, at the bottom of a movie, or television screen, as “captioning”. That is one reason that the TypeWell™ system is referred to as “transcribing”.

TypeWell™ is used in a variety of settings and for a variety of individuals. Here are just a few examples where TypeWell™ transcribing can be beneficial:

A trained TypeWell™ provider will have a laptop computer and will transcribe meaning-for-meaning what is said during an assignment. The consumer using the service will be able to read, in real-time, from a second laptop, and will also be able to type in questions or comments that the provider can voice.

After the assignment has ended, a transcript can be provided to the participants, if